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How does Work?

Callers dial your home telephone number and hear your personalized greeting

Callers select which person they would like to speak with

Call is immediately forwarded to the selected person’s cell phone Logo


Calls will reach any member of the family wherever they are

Eliminates “Robo Calls” and most live telemarketers

Only $9.99 per month

No Contracts / No Commitments

No equipment to buy or maintain


The ten dollars a month fee is less than what we were paying for the land line, so we also have some savings. Glad I made the move. Thank you.

Tim A. 9/2016

This service is unbelievable. I can’t believe everyone isn’t using it.

Tim M. 9/2018

Thank you. You guys/gals have awesome customer service! It’s refreshing.

Rachel M. 6/2018

Your service has been just great.

Frank C. 4/2018

I’m a new customer and am very happy with your services thus far. I love your customer service. You’re great.

Deb W. 11/2016

OurOldNumber has worked perfectly. We were able to cancel our landline and save $27.00 per month. Friends call the house and they can reach any one of us, even our son away at college. I recommend this service to everyone.

Dave S. 5/2016

We are very happy to have found your service. You cover precisely what we are looking for: opportunity to keep our local number but not pay $42/month to do it. Thank you again for the fast and efficient service.

Paul K. 1/2017

What a miracle! We had put our dad in elder care and his biggest fear was missing calls to his old telephone number.

Cynthia C. 8/2016

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