"Our goal is to provide an innovative telecommunications experience, great value and outstanding, US based, customer service."

About OurOldNumber.com

OurOldNumber.com is the brainchild of the founder and some colleagues.  During one of their discussions, the need for a less expensive, more flexible alternative to the landline telephone was identified.  A solution that utilized the important home telephone number without the limitations of working in a fixed location or with just one conversation at a time.  We also wanted to eliminate the need for our customer to buy, install or maintain any equipment.  After some discussion of possible solutions and the technology needed to implement them, the basic features and functions were defined that would become OurOldNumber.com.  While the idea took only a few hours to outline, there followed over 2 years of designing, building, testing and implementing all the systems and infrastructure before it was launched to the general public.

OurOldNumber.com is just one of the services offered by the parent company, Our Old Group, LLC.

About OurOldGroup, LLC

Our Old Group, LLC is a privately held, US based technology company owned by the employees and management. Our Old Group, LLC developed and owns the software platforms and operating systems, and utilizes several well established network providers. Our hardware platforms are housed in secure data centers throughout the United States and are staffed around the clock to insure reliable operation for our customers.

We recently launched an additional service that will provide a new “family” telephone number for young families that have identified the need for a central number that can be used with schools, health care providers and others. In the future, we’ll be offering a “rent a number” service and a virtual data back up service called OurOldData.com for saving and protecting your valuable information.