Experience the Freedom!

Now your Home Phone Number can be as Mobile as You are.
Now calls to your important home telephone number can reach you or any member of your household wherever you are.
This revolutionary service makes your home telephone number more flexible than ever.
No equipment needed.
No more telemarketers.
You’re still in directory assistance.
Cancel your expensive landline service.

Only $9.99 per month.

[dt_quote font_size=”h6″ background=”fancy” animation=”fadeIn”]“This has been just great. No more telemarketer calls during dinner. Or anytime. We are saving over $40.00 every month. And we still have the number we’ve always had.”    Lisa K.[/dt_quote]

You can instantly check if service is available for your number. Just enter your home number and email.

[dt_quote font_size=”h6″ background=”fancy” animation=”fadeIn”]“OurOldNumber has worked perfectly. We were able to cancel our landline and save $27.00 per month. Friends call the house and they can reach any one of us. Even our son away at college.”

Dave S.[/dt_quote]

In just a few simple steps, you can enjoy all the benefits of OurOldNumber.com.

How does it work?

– Calls to your home phone number are answered with your recorded greeting.

– Callers select the family member they wish to reach.

– The call is immediately and seamlessly forwarded to that family members cell phone.

– It’s simple and straight forward. No contracts.  No equipment needed.  No more sales calls.

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