How to Transfer Your Landline to Your Cell Phone

How to Transfer Your Landline to Your Cell Phone

The OurOldNumber.com Tech Team

November 4, 2023 

We frequently get inquiries from prospective customers or just curious callers about how they can transfer their landline number to a cellular phone.  In the following discussion we will provide some information and options.

Can I transfer my landline number to a cellular phone?

The short answer to this question is: Yes.  The longer answer is: Yes, in most cases.

While there are several ways to transfer a landline number to a cellular phone, there are some circumstances where it may not be possible.

First, while most landline numbers in the United States are ‘portable’ by regulation, (meaning they can be moved from one carrier to another), there are exceptions.  Many smaller, rural telephone companies or cooperatives are exempt from the portability rules.

Second, there are some cellular providers that restrict what numbers or types of numbers they will accept onto their networks.

You can determine if either of these restrictions apply to you by checking with both your landline and cellular providers.

Can I just forward calls to my landline to a cellular phone?

The short answer to this question is also: Yes.

The longer answer is that while you can usually forward calls to your landline number to another number, you will have to continue service for both the landline number originally receiving the calls as well as the cellular number to which the calls are forwarded.  Also, there is usually an additional charge from the landline service provider to provide this service.

Many people use this option when they are temporarily away from home for extended periods.  This can be a great option for those spending time down south for the winter or traveling in their RV.

If this is the best option for you, simply contact your landline service provider and request that they forward calls to your cellular number.  They’ll need to know when you would like to begin and they’ll explain any additional charges that may apply.

How would I transfer my landline number to my cell phone?

There is a well-defined and regulated process for transferring numbers from one service provider to another.  While the rules and regulations apply to all service providers, the service providers process may differ slightly.

Generally, you would begin the process of transferring your landline number by placing an order for service with the service provider to which you wish to transfer your number.

Once you’ve placed your service order, the receiving service provider will contact your landline service provider and request that they transfer your number.  As we mentioned above, this process has strict rules and regulations that all service providers must abide by.

The process itself usually takes 5-10 days, depending on how the individual service providers process these requests.  Once the process is complete, calls to your landline number will now be received on the cellular telephone.

Are there any risks or downsides to transferring?

 There are some things to consider before transferring a landline to a cellular phone.

First, your landline number is now, technically, a cellular number.  Unlike landline numbers, cellular numbers are not always available in the electronic directory assistance system.  If you want others to be able to reach you by finding you in directory assistance, having your landline number become a cellular number may not be helpful.

Second, IF your landline is connected to a health care monitoring device, security system or you use a fax machine, you will want to carefully consider moving it to another provider.

Another consideration is how you’re going to be using your landline number.  If you are wanting to have calls to your landline number forwarded on to any member of the household, transferring the number to a single cell phone may not deliver the results you are looking for.

Are there other options?

 There are other options to have calls to your landline number forward to a cellular phone or phones.

One option is to transfer your landline to a virtual provider that allows you to keep your landline number active but allows calls to that number to be answered and forwarded on to another number, like a cell phone.

The number can still be listed with directory assistance and remains yours to transfer to any provider you may wish.  You no longer have to pay for the landline service.

With most services like this, unwanted callers, like ‘Robocalls’ are blocked.  And you can continue to use your landline number when needing to provide a contact number that may be exposed to the internet.

There are still over 45 million homes with landlines still in service.  This is testament to how important these long held home phone numbers are to their owners.  While holding on to these numbers is important, technology can now enable the owners of these numbers to both keep them as their own but make them more adaptable to today’s more mobile lifestyle.

The Tech Team at OurOldNumber.com is made up of experienced professionals with decades of experience in the design and operation of telecommunications infrastructure.  They are responsible for the day to day operation of our systems and get all the credit for our 8 year run without a single system failure.


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