About the Founder

Mr. Swenson got his start in the telephone business with Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co., more commonly known as ‘Mountain Bell’, in 1980. In 1982 when AT&T was broken up, he went on to AT&T American Bell and then on to Manville Corp. as director of telecommunications. In 1985, he joined a small company that he eventually bought and built into National Network Corp. NNC became the largest pure wholesale network operator providing services to both resellers and other larger operators throughout the U.S. and Canada. Since then he has held senior positions with Global Crossing, Internet Commerce & Communications, ACN, and DCA Services. As a recognized leader and innovator in the telecommunications industry, he has also been involved on the Board of Directors or as an investor with a number of communications and technology companies.

About the Company

OurOldNumber was born over dinner with Swenson and few colleagues. One person mentioned that he’d like to get rid of his home telephone because his family members all had cell phones and nobody used it much anymore and it was costing $40 per month. He also mentioned that his wife wouldn’t go for it because they’d had the number for many years and she didn’t want to lose the number. After some discussion of some possible solutions to this problem and the technology needed to implement them, we outlined the services that would become OurOldNumber.com.

OurOldNumber.com is part of Our Old Group, LLC, a privately held technology company owned by the employees and management. We developed and own the software platform and utilize well established network providers. Our hardware platforms are housed in secure data centers through the United States and are staffed around the clock to insure reliable operation for our customers.

OurOldGroup, LLC was formed in 2014.  Design, development and testing occurred through 2015 and on February 16th, 2016, OurOldNumber.com was launched to the public.  Since that time the company has grown significantly with customers throughout the United States and Canada.

OurOldNumber.com also offers an option for small business customers.  In the near future, we’ll be offering a similar service for young families that have never used a landline service.   OurFamilyNumber.com will offer young families a virtual ‘home’ number that callers can use to reach either parent or other members of the family.

Our goal is to provide technology solutions that anyone of any age or ability can easily utilize, a flawless customer experience, seamless service activation, outstanding US based customer support and the most reliable infrastructure available.

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