01 / Is there a contract or time commitment required?

No. OurOldNumber.com is a month to month service and you can terminate your service whenever you like. There are no penalties or cancellation fees. If you should decide to cancel your service, your obligation for the monthly service charges end when the current monthly service period expires.

02 / Will calls to our home number reach us even if we’re not at home?

Yes and that’s the single best feature of OurOldNumber.com. Calls to your existing home telephone number are immediately forwarded on to the family member that the caller selects. There is more information in number 8.

03 / How does your service block telemarketers?

With OurOldNumber.com, the caller must make a numerical selection to forward the call. So called “Robo” sales calls are computer based dialers and don’t have the ability to make the selection. Since they haven’t reached a “live” person, the call just times out and disconnects. Live telemarketers are usually paid to talk to live people. When they hear the recorded greeting, they will usually hang up since they don’t know which member of the family they may want to speak with. It is possible that a live telemarketer could make a selection and the call could go through. But in our experience, the vast majority don’t bother and just hang up.

04 / How long will it take to move my number to OurOldNumber.com?

The transfer process usually takes from 7-10 days depending on the current service provider. We do all the work for you and there is nothing else for you to do until the process is complete. When the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to log into your Customer Portal. The transfer is seamless and you won’t miss any calls. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT CANCEL OR MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR EXISTING SERVICE UNTIL AFTER THE TRANSFER IS COMPLETE.

05 / Is there any special equipment needed?

There is no equipment needed in your home and it does not use your internet connection.

06 / Do I need a telephone number?

OurOldNumber.com can use your existing home telephone number as most of our customers do. However, we do have an option that allows us to get a new number for you. This choice is located in the sign up section. The price is the same for both new or existing numbers.

07 / Will my number still be in Directory Assistance?

Yes. If your existing home telephone number is listed in Directory Assistance, it will remain there. If we provide you with a new number, it can also be listed.

08 / Can I place an outbound call with OurOldNumber.com?

No. Since your home telephone number is now “Virtual”, you won’t have a landline. You would use your cell phone to make outbound calls. See Question 14 below for some additional information on this subject.

9 / How do calls get to us?

When a call is made to your home number, the caller hears a personal greeting that you’ve recorded. The greeting will tell the caller the extension number for each member of your household. The caller then chooses whom they want to reach, presses the appropriate number on their phone, and the call is immediately forwarded on to the cell phone of the chosen member of the household. There can be up to 9 extensions and “0” is always used for voicemail.

10 / Am I responsible for any taxes on my OurOldNumber.com service?

The taxes and fees are ONLY those assessed and required by the laws and regulations that apply in your location and are included in your monthly invoice.

11 / Can I forward my home telephone number to a Canadian or International number?

We don’t currently allow forwarding to international numbers. If your cell phone is being used out of the country, you’ll still receive calls assuming your cell phone plan allows you to receive calls when you’re out of the country. If you are located in Canada, we do offer service to some portions of the country. And if your home telephone number is located in Canada, we will forward calls to your Canadian based cell phone. Check for service availability on the home page.

12 / How do I manage my account information?

You have access to your account information in the Customer Portal. You access the Customer Portal by logging into your account at OurOldNumber.com. There you can change address and payment information, view usage, listen to voicemails, change your routing information and greetings and view past invoices.

13 / What if I have a fax machine, home security system or health monitor?

Since OurOldNumber.com replaces your land line service, you will no longer have a land line telephone in your home. If you have a fax machine, home security system or health monitoring system connected to your land line telephone, you may not want to purchase our service. There are alternatives to fax machines with online services. If your home security system is connected to your home phone line, you may want to inquire about having it set up on a wireless system. And for health monitoring systems, please consult your provider before making any changes to this important connection. OurOldNumber.com is not for every situation.

14 / How do I cancel my service?

  1. Log into your Customer Portal at OurOldNumber.com
  2. Go to the Manage Account section.
  3. Choose Change Plan.
  4. Locate the “cancel” link and follow the instructions.

15 / Can I have members of my extended family in my routing?

Absolutely! We allow up to 9 extensions. One way to use this feature is for elderly parents living alone. You can add other family members or caregivers to the routing so callers can easily reach those people if they are concerned. You can add anyone to your routing that you wish. It’s completely up to you.

16 / What if I still have questions?

We’d be happy to help. If you have any other questions and would like to find out more about OurOldNumber.com, just send us a note at support@ouroldnumber.comor call us at 1-800-774-0530.

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