“OurOldNumber.com was just the answer we were looking for.”

“OurOldNumber.com was just the answer we were looking for.”


In a recent article written by our Tech Team, they shared some information about how to protect your cellular number from unwanted calls. Below we share a story from one of our customers about how they used OurOldNumber.com to eliminate unwanted calls from the cellular numbers they’d had for many years.

“After having our cellular numbers for many years, we were getting loads of sales calls we didn’t want. When we relocated, we decided we needed to find a way to eliminate those unwanted calls.”

“When we got our new iPhones years ago, we began to use those new cell numbers whenever we needed to provide a telephone number. Since we didn’t have a landline number any more, these were the numbers we used. This worked perfectly for a long time. And then the sales calls started. Since these numbers weren’t listed in directory assistance, we couldn’t understand how they found our numbers.

When we relocated to a new city, the calls continued. In fact they got worse. We decided we needed to find a solution and after some digging, we found OurOldNumber.com.

Their friendly and helpful support staff advised us that by getting new cellular numbers, we could keep our old cell numbers, and still receive calls to that number. More important, their service would screen out all the automated sales calls. This also provided the added advantage of us having local numbers rather than a number from a different area code. It sounded like the perfect solution.

And it has been exactly what we hoped. Friends, family and business contacts that have our old cell numbers can still reach us. And all those automated robocalls can’t get through to our new numbers. It’s been the perfect solution and the customer service has been wonderful.”

Jim K. 7/23

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