In their own words: “How OurOldNumber.com helped us.”

In their own words: “How OurOldNumber.com helped us.”

In a recent article written by our Founder and CEO regarding the rise of unwanted ‘Robocalls’, Mr. Swenson wrote about some of the options for eliminating these annoying calls. One of our customers shared their story of how they eliminated the unwanted calls to their home telephone number.

“We’d had the same home telephone number for many years. Unfortunately, so did all the telemarketers.”

“We have had the same telephone number in our home for more than 30 years. While we still use our home phone from time to time and many of our friends, family and business contacts use it, we were getting an ever increasing number of unwanted calls from people trying to sell us something or get information or take a survey.

While we were using our cell phones more and more, we didn’t want to get rid of our home number. We really just wanted to find a way to get rid of all those annoying calls. We tried the ‘do not call’ list and blocking some numbers. But nothing seemed to make those calls disappear.

We did some research and found your service. It has not only solved the problem of sales calls but we’ve been able to save money every month as well. We still have our home number but we don’t get all those annoying sales calls anymore. We love your service and will tell our friends about it.”

Bob and Jan S.

If you’re tired of unwanted sales calls, learn more about how our service can help. Visit us at:


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