Is it time to ‘Cut the Cord’?

Is it time to ‘Cut the Cord’? 

The Marketing Team at OurOldNumber.com

March 22, 2019

You’ve probably heard the phrase; ‘Cut the Cord’ over the last few years and maybe you’ve wondered exactly what it means.

‘Cut the Cord’ has become the phrase often used to refer to eliminating cable or telephone subscriptions.  And while it is certainly not meant literally, it figuratively implies no longer having the physical ‘Cord’ connection to the cable or telephone company.

With the advent of streaming services for video entertainment and ‘virtual’ telephone numbers and the ubiquitous cell phone, paying for cable television or a landline telephone has become increasingly unnecessary.

Below we’ll talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of ‘Cutting the Cord’.

Why would I want to ‘Cut the Cord’?

First is the simple economics.  A very basic cable subscription can be $20 to $30 per month.  A landline telephone can cost $20 to $60 per month, depending on where you live.  Eliminating the monthly cost of a cable or telephone subscription can mean significant savings.

With the advent of so many streaming options, it’s quite possible to have access to both local news programing as well as an enormous number of entertainment options.

Cellular phones have become the norm in our more mobile lives, allowing us to be reached wherever we may be.

Second, and speaking of our mobile lives, we’re not at home as much as we used to be.  We have second homes, recreational vehicles, time shares and a variety of travel options that keep us on the move.

Having monthly subscriptions for services we no longer use as regularly or consistently as before may not be cost effective.

What are the options?

For video entertainment or local information, there are dozens of streaming services available that will provide us with local news and weather as well as movies and television series.

Services such as Fubo, Sling and YouTube will provide both local and entertainment programing.  Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and a host of others offer hundreds of current and vintage movies and television series.

Of course, all of these services come with monthly costs of their own and with enough of them can add up to more than the cost of the services they replace.

There is also a choice of antennas available that will receive both HDTV and local programming at a nominal cost and without a monthly subscription.

For telephone services there are also several options.

First, there is the matter of your landline number.  Like many of us, you’ve probably had the same number for many years.  And like many of us, this number is important to you and to the many people who have grown accustomed to using this number.

There are services that offer the opportunity for you to keep your important landline number while eliminating the monthly cost of the landline subscription.  At the risk of self-promotion, OurOldNumber.com was created to offer exactly this service.

You can also transfer your landline number to a cellular phone subscription.  By substituting your landline number for your existing cellular number or transferring it to a new device, you can keep your landline number.  Either as a replacement for your regular cell phone number or on a completely separate device.

Are there other benefits?

There are many benefits of keeping your landline number and moving from a landline service to either a virtual service or a cellular phone.

With a virtual service, you can block the unwanted sales calls that seem to be constant.  And with your number being virtual and blocking sales calls, you can use that number whenever you need to provide a number where it will appear in the public domain, like a directory or online sales ad.

A virtual service can also allow calls to your landline number to be forwarded to any member of the family via their cellular phone.  This makes you reachable wherever you might be but only by real people who you might wish to speak with.

Moving your landline number directly to a cellular phone won’t necessarily block unwanted calls.  However, it does allow you to keep your number and continue to receive calls on your mobile device.

What are the risks?

There are no inherent risks in moving your number.  However, if you are using your landline service to connect other services like a health monitoring device, security system or a fax machine, you may want to carefully consider disconnecting your landline service.

We hope you found this information helpful, and our Support Team at OurOldNumber.com would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.


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